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The Staff

Our staff are our biggest asset in educating children. We have carefully constructed a strong, supportive team who have an excellent understanding of child development, learning and well-being. High quality care and a respect for each individual is at the heart of the work of our staff team, at all levels.

Teaching Staff

Lynn Paylor Sutton  

Parrots Class (Year R/1) Teacher
Sara Seccatore 

Owls Class (Year 1/2) Teacher
Emma Keem 

Hawks Class (Year 3/4) Teacher

Katie Warburton

Eagles Class (Year 5/6) Teacher
Ryan Jones    

Intervention/Music Teacher

Emma Newton

Office & Teaching Assistants

Office Manager
Dee Howson 

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants

Elizabeth Olver/Andrea Trenchard 

Key Stage 1/2 Teaching Assistant

Emily Harris    

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant
Karen Capell 

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant
Stella Britton 

Clerk to the Governors

Sarah Seymour

Support Staff

Site Manager
Grahame Sear 

Breakfast Club Supervisors
Mandy Deegan   4

Breakfast Club Assistant
Tracey Dodd 

Principals School Meals Supervisor
Mandy Deegan

Lunchtime Supervisor
Tracey Dodd














(In accordance with requirements for financial information reporting, no members of staff have a gross annual salary of £100 000 or more.)

Call Dee Howson our Office Manager on 01304 852 600

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