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The Staff

Our staff are our biggest asset in educating children. We have carefully constructed a strong, supportive team who have an excellent understanding of child development, learning and well-being. High quality care and a respect for each individual is at the heart of the work of our staff team, at all levels.

Teaching Staff

Lynn Paylor Sutton  

Canterbury Class (Year R/1) Teacher
Sara Seccatore 

London Class (Year 1/2) Teacher
Emma Keem 

London Class (Year 1/2) Apprentice Teacher

Katie Davison 

Paris Class (Year 3/4) Teacher

Katie Warburton

Tokyo Class (Year 5/6) Teachers
Ryan Jones    

Jessie Langley 

Intervention/Music Teacher

Emma Newton




Office & Teaching Assistants

Office Manager

Dee Howson 

Clerk to the Governors

Sarah Seymour 

Early Years Teaching Assistant

Andrea Trenchard 

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants

Emily Harris     

Claire Reed 

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistants
Karen Capell 

Lizzie Olver 

Phillip Hickson


Support Staff

Site Manager
Jake Bagshaw    

Breakfast Club Assistant
Tara Pollard   

Breakfast Club Supervisor
Tracey Dodd 

Whole School Meals Supervisor
Tara Pollard

Lunchtime Supervisor
Tracey Dodd

After School Club Supervisor
Tracey Dodd














(In accordance with requirements for financial information reporting, no members of staff have a gross annual salary of £100 000 or more.)

Call Dee Howson our Office Manager on 01304 852 600

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