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Our Calendar

Use the calendar below to see what we're up to and when.

Dates for your Diary …

02.01.2024Inset day -Staff training9.00am-4.00pm
03.01.2024Inset day - Staff training9.00am-4.00pm
04.01.2024Pupils return to school - Term 30845am-3.15pm
NHS Height & Weight Yr R & Yr 69.30am-11.00am
09.01.2024Swimming Yrs 5 & 6 - Terms 3 & 42.00pm-3.00pm
12.01.2024Gymnastics Yrs 1 & 2 - Terms 3 & 41.45pm-2.45pm
15.01.2024Young Voices - O2 event.
School choir
22.01.2024Kent Music Demonstration - School Hall1.30pm-2.30pm
24.01.2024Bench Ball Tournament - Goodwin Academy1.30pm-4.00pm
05.02.2024Online Safety Day9.00am-3.00pm
06.02.2024Full Governing Body Meeting4.00pm
08.02.2024School Sports Collaboration Bat & Trap competition - Duke of York's Royal Military School10.00am-11.45am
09.02.2024Last day of Term 30845am-3.15pm
12.02.2024 - 16.02.2024Half Term
19.02.2024First day of Term 4. Pupils return to school0845am-3.15pm
21.02.2024NHS Hearing & Vision Yr R1.00pm-2.00pm
22.02.2024London Class Assembly2.30pm-3.10pm
29.02.2024Tokyo Class Assembly2.40pm-3.10pm
07.03.2024World Book Day0845am-3.15pm
08.03.2024Spelling Bee Final - Ash, Cartwright & Kelsey9.30am-11.30am
11.03.2024On-line Safety Day9.00am-3.00pm
14.03.2024Paris Class Assembly2.40pm-3.10pm
18.03.2024-22.03.2024Assessment Week9.00am-3.00pm
19.03.2024Full Governing Body Meeting4.00pm
21.03.2024School Sports Collaboration Disc Golf competition Yrs 5 & 6- Duke of York's Royal Military School9.45am-11.45am
21.03.2024Canterbury Class Assembly2.30pm-3.10pm
22.03.2024Non-Uniform Day - Easter Egg donations8.45am-3.15pm
27.03.2024Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Egg Raffle1.00pm-3.15pm
28.03.2024KS1 Spring Service10.00am Village Hall
28.03.2024KS2 Easter Service1.30pm St. Augustine's Church, East Langdon.
28.03.2024Last day of term - Term 48.45am-3.15pm
15.04.2024First day of Term 5. Pupils return to school.8.45-3.15pm
23.04.2024Swimming Year 2 - Terms 5 & 62.00pm-3.00pm
26.04.2024Gymnastics Yrs 3 & 4 - Terms 5 & 61.45pm-2.45pm
07.05.2024Full Governing Body Meeting4.00pm
06.05.2024May Day Bank Holiday
09.05.2024Tempest Photography - Class photographs9.15am-10.30am
13.05.2024-15.05.2024Bewl Water Residential - Yrs 3 & 4
22.05.2024Gulbenkian Theatre Trip Canterbury Class9.45am-11.45am
23.05.2024Gulbenkian Theatre Trip London Class9.45am-11.45am
23.05.2024School Sports Collaboration Orienteering competition Yrs 3 & 4 - Duke of York's Royal Military School9.45am-11.45am

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