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Core Values, Mission Statement & Aims

At Langdon Primary School our vision is to be an outstanding school with excellent teaching and learning resulting in exemplary outcomes for all.

Mission statement

Langdon Primary School promotes a positive atmosphere for learning in a caring, considerate community. Every learner is enabled to develop independence and confidence as well as the motivation to excel in future challenges and life long learning.

Our Core Values


Our Aims

We aim to provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment in which we encourage improvement, motivation and co-operation from all members of the school and local community.

We aim to make the environment of our school supportive so that we can develop the confidence to celebrate success and overcome difficulties. We believe it is important to develop respect and sensitivity towards the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical needs of all our pupils.

We aim to create a stimulating and exciting environment within our school community. We aim to enhance teaching and learning through the use of lively displays and interesting resources in and out of school. Children will be encouraged to develop their skills in both academic and non-academic ways.

We wish to establish a friendly, supportive and professional working relationship between home and school, to allow productive discussions about children’s progress, development and needs.

Overall we aim to develop each individual through the learning of new skills leading to greater achievements that all can benefit from, aiming to fulfil individual potential and celebrating this success with others.

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